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Our Group Companies

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Electrical Inspection and Testing

Why you may need an EICR

One of the most common questions we are asked is “What is an EICR? And should I have one?” An EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) is an evaluation of the condition of an electrical installation. Safety shortcomings and defects are highlighted, as well as deviations from the current revision of the latest BS7671 electrical regulations.

Far from being a bureaucratic waste of time, this report could save a life or protect your building from going up in flames. From a liability and safety perspective, having an EICR is highly advisable. For many business owners it’s a legal and insurance requirement. Electrical installations degrade over time. To prevent any danger, your system should be well maintained – whether it’s domestic, industrial or commercial.

What you get

All EICR’ s carried out by Affleck Electrical will involve and provide the following:

  • A full visual inspection of your complete electrical system
  • A full set of “dead tests” to your existing cabling and devices
  • A subsequent full set of “live testing, to confirm correct circuit continuity and polarity, as well as testing to check the installations insulation resistance (this test is to make sure that the electrical insulation material surrounding the conductors is intact) and earth arrangement testing for full compliance and soundness of connection
  • Earth fault loop impedance testing to ensure that if a fault did occur, your system would adequately disconnect safely
  • RCD (residual current device) testing. On modern electrical systems RCDs and RCBOs are regularly fitted. These devices react to electricity missing from the circuit and disconnect all power from the circuit to prevent or reduce the likelihood of a fatal electric shock
  • Optional thermographic reporting
  • Optional single line drawings and CAD packages
  • A comprehensive NICEIC test report listing all deviations from the regulations. These items are coded in terms of severity
  • A fully priced document listing all retrospective works required in order to bring your current installation in line and to regulations

At Affleck Electrical, we have some of the most thorough and knowledgeable test engineers in our field.

We pride ourselves on the high standard of our testing procedures and the quality of report issued.

On larger installations, we also understand the need to stagger testing and repairs to suit the needs of the business at all times, we are well versed at working with our customers to minimise disruption and also place thorough and workable timescales and budgets against any repairs.