Our Group Companies

Our Group Companies

Working alongside Affleck Electrical on M&E projects enables great cohesion and communication throughout.

CCTV, Fire Alarm and Security Systems


Embracing the latest trends

We are now offering CCTV support to our customers, having received repeated requests to fulfil their needs in this growing market.

We are capable of designing, supplying and installing a vast range of CCTV systems. Each system we implement is adjusted and amended to fit our clients’ specific requirements.

Growing with you

From a home with a single camera to a high-risk site with over 40, we can monitor whatever you need on your property premises.

Within the near future, we will be going through the process of becoming SSAIB registered.

Fire Alarm

Peace of mind

Fire alarm installation has always been a core part of the turn-key projects that we offer our customers. We have specialist engineers who have worked on all kinds of fire detection.

The selection and design of a new or enhanced fire alarm system is an important one, and it starts with a comprehensive design brief. We can offer the following types of system for your industrial/commercial premises:

  • Analogue Addressable Systems
  • Radio Fire Detection Systems
  • Conventional Fire Detection Systems
  • Voice Alarm Systems
  • EVACS (Emergency Voice Communication Systems)
  • Aspirating Systems
  • Door retainers
  • Refuge phone systems
  • Emergency Assistance Systems

By combining our range of expertise with design assistance from some of the main UK manufacturers, we can ensure the best fire detection system for your property, whether it is a small retail store or a 200-bedroom hotel.

Security & Intruder Alarm Systems

At Affleck Electrical we can design, install, and maintain a quality intruder alarm system whether you require protection for your home and family or for your business and employees.

Alarm systems for Schools, retail, offices and more

Our alarm systems are designed for use in the widest of applications, from single retail outlets and offices to large warehouse installations and schools.

Alarm systems for your budget

After our initial assessment, we will provide and install an intruder alarm, which we think best suits your property and fits in with your budget.

We use a wide range of detection units with all of our systems offering the facility to include 24-hour remote monitoring if required.

We’re experienced when it comes to alarm systems

All of our systems are chosen by our experienced surveying staff to provide our customers with the flexibility that they require from an alarm system.

Some of the types of alarms we offer:

  • Audible Only
  • Wireless Hybrid
  • Speech dialler
  • Redcare Monitoring
  • Redcare GSM Monitoring
  • Dualcom Monitoring

We offer a wide range of alarm systems, from simple ones to the type that you can monitor from anywhere around the world through an internet connection on your computer or smartphone.

A back view of electrician installing fire alarm system