Our Group Companies

Our Group Companies

Working alongside Affleck Electrical on M&E projects enables great cohesion and communication throughout.

Data, Including Structured Cabling and Fiber Networks

You need dependable infrastructure

At Affleck Electrical, we understand that data cabling and infrastructure is the lifeblood of any organisation. IT infrastructure is constantly evolving, allowing for greater bandwidth and faster operation.

As one of the leading network installers in the region, we provide both new and existing customers with a comprehensive range of data, fibre and voice installation services. We cover everything from system installation to testing, certification and ongoing maintenance.

We have the knowledge, ability and experience to provide bespoke solutions to a wide variety of customers. Companies on our roster include a number of blue-chip companies, NHS trusts, local authorities, colleges, schools, commercial and industrial premises.

The data services we offer include:

  • New system-structured cabling design and installation
  • All-copper cabling installation up to and beyond Cat 6
  • Disaster recovery/contingency planning
  • Wi-Fi networks
  • IT/Server Room improvements and reconfiguration, including ventilation, air conditioning/cooling and extinguishing systems
  • Fibre optic installation works, including back bone structuring and splicing technologies
  • UPS installation and bypass systems
  • Wire mapping and testing

You need dependable people

All services are delivered by our team of highly trained professionals. We guarantee that all our work is carried out to the highest standards, with full support and backup from a number of leading IT equipment manufacturers.

We are confident that, given the opportunity, we can improve and enhance any customers IT infrastructure, reducing downtime and costly system failures.