Our Group Companies

Our Group Companies

Working alongside Affleck Electrical on M&E projects enables great cohesion and communication throughout.

Building Services and Periodic Maintenance

Working with you

For any company, a Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) schedule helps to prevent equipment failure and breakdown before it occurs, saving time and money.

Affleck Electrical will work closely with you to create a plan that is right for your business. Our highly experienced team of mobile engineers are ready to help you carry out installations, repairs and ongoing building maintenance.

The versatility and technical expertise of the Affleck Electrical team means you can rely on us to deliver the majority of the maintenance needs for your building.

Ensuring that everything keeps working

We will work with you to schedule partial or complete equipment overhauls on a periodic basis, recording any deterioration of parts so that they can be ordered in advance. This is the time-tested and cost-effective way to extend the life-cycle of your machinery.

Our PPM works will greatly reduce call-out costs and labour fees, reducing disruption and minimising the risk of a potentially costly equipment breakdown.

As part of our services, we carry out a primary review of your equipment, evaluating condition and criticality. From this information a maintenance schedule is implemented, based on risk and as well as the need of the business to maximise asset lifecycle and efficiency.

Our electronically-supported system will align with your company’s diaries and schedules, ensuring that we notify you when items are up for assessment, not the other way around.